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Day One

Chapter Three: Day One

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The second I un-paused, everyone decided to head in the direction of the house. Including Regina. Where do you think you’re going, Regina? Running away from your responsibilities already? Poor toddlers. They can’t keep up with their tiny little legs.

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Never mind, actually. She was just going to play dolls with Poppy.

Regina: Dolls are the best!

Poppy: Dowws awe da besht!

And then there’s little Xander in the background, playing quietly by himself. I guess he’s not as sociable as I thought he’d be.

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Macy went to go and play with her tablet right off the bat. Funny. I’d expected her to be making a mess as soon as she had the chance.

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Basil and Ferdinand soon discovered the clubhouse.

Basil: Fewd, wookat dish big bwue bun-bun!

Ferdinand: Not now, Bashil, I’m contempwating dish bwock.

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Meanwhile, Hitomi and Coby were brightening up the front porch.

Hitomi: Shpwishy! Shpwashy! Paint! Paint! Paint!

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While I like rainbow paint splatters just as much as the next person, their responsibility was really suffering, so Regina had to go out and ask them to stop.

Regina: Pretty please?


Coby gave her the silent treatment.

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Then it was time for dinner. Nothing special really happened during dinner. I’m just super happy I got them all to sit in the chairs, albeit not at the same time. See Basil getting down and Hitomi getting on? Still, this is the cutest dining room ever, right?

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After dinner it was story time! The toddlers listened to Regina’s silly voices and detailed descriptions until their eyelids were heavy and it was time for bed.

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Don’t think this means the chapter’s over, though! No, no, no. You remember those night lights?

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They don’t keep nightmares away. Basil and Hitomi learned this their first night.

Basil: Waaaah! I want Wegina!

Hitomi: Me too! I’ww go get hew.

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I honestly didn’t even know toddlers could climb stairs with only level two movement. But Hitomi did. She was determined to wake up Regina. (Even though I canceled that interaction the first time it popped up.)

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Hitomi: Wegina! Wegina!

Regina: Huh? What? Morning already?

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They went out into the hallway for some snuggles. Hitomi was reluctant at first.

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But no toddler can resist Regina’s hugs. At this point Basil’s moodlet wore off naturally so everyone went back to bed.

And that’s where I’ll end this chapter, I went a little bit into the second day, but only by a few hours. So we’ll pick up next time with day two!


Chapter Two: Introductions

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Time to meet our cast of characters! First off, let me introduce you to Regina Baker. She’s an accomplished artist who just decided to become a foster mom to seven toddlers! Her traits are creative, childish, and family-oriented. She originally wanted to be a painter extraordinaire, but now wishes to become a super parent. Regina definitely has her work cut out for her with this group.

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The first of the toddlers is little Hitomi Suzuki. She’s as curious as they come. Our inquisitive little toddler is sure to make mischief.

05-30-17_6:08:02 PM.png

Next we have Xander Davis. He’s a little ray of sunshine and giggles. This silly little guy just wants to make everyone laugh.

05-30-17_6:08:09 PM.png

Here we have Macy Clark, the wild child of the bunch. Regina better keep a close eye on her.

05-30-17_6:08:14 PM.png

Next up we have Ferdinand Milligan. He’s independent and a little bit of a know-it-all.

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Then on the opposite side of that spectrum, we have Basil Robbins. He’s a clingy little fellow who needs constant attention.

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There’s not much to say about Poppy Ash. She’s a perfect little angel.

05-30-17_6:08:32 PM.png

Last but certainly not least, there’s Coby Sterling, a little charmer. He’s used to getting what he wants, when he wants it thanks to his cuteness. Seriously, who could say no to that face?

In the next chapter, we’ll see how Regina handles having seven toddlers under her care. Will she be a super parent? Can she say no to that face? Find out next time!

House Tour

Hello and welcome to Raising Seven Foster kids: the Seven Toddler Challenge through young adulthood. It’s basically how it sounds. I’ll be playing a family with seven toddlers and one caregiver, but instead of completing the challenge when the toddlers age up into children, I’ll continue to play the household until they reach young adulthood. This is because of the new Parenthood game pack! I really want to see how the toddlers’ character values play out, so that’s what I’m going to do. With that out of the way, let’s get into chapter one.

Chapter One: House Tour

05-30-17_6:03:15 PM

Welcome, everyone, to the Raising Seven Foster Kids house. Allow me to give you the grand tour.

05-30-17_6:03:48 PM

This is the front hall/ reading nook/ potty chamber. For all your entering, storytelling, potty-ing needs.

05-30-17_6:03:53 PM

Over in a nearby corner we have another potty, because I was convinced three wouldn’t be enough. I call this one The Potty of Shame.

05-30-17_6:04:22 PM

Here we have the kitchen. I really like the way the kitchen stuff from Parenthood looks. Not much else to say.

05-30-17_6:04:34 PM

In the same room as the kitchen there’s the dining room. I think it looks adorable.

05-30-17_6:04:43 PM

Here’s the bedroom/ playroom. I put those night-lights up hoping they would make nightmares less frequent. Here’s hoping.

05-30-17_6:04:55 PM

The bath chamber. Not much to say about it, I’m just happy I managed to fit two baths in here.

05-30-17_6:05:25 PM

A nice little living room that probably won’t be used much except for the large amount of wabbit tablets conveniently out of view.

05-30-17_6:05:50 PM

The back porch and clubhouse. Clubhouse: When you realize you didn’t make your house big enough and have to make an extra room outside.

05-30-17_6:06:04 PM

The inside of the clubhouse is pretty similar to other parts of the actual house, but it lets the toddlers spread out a little bit, so it’s fine.

05-30-17_6:06:26 PM

Back inside we have the upstairs hallway. The upstairs consists mostly of empty rooms that will be used once the toddlers age into children and the caretaker’s bedroom and bathroom.

05-30-17_6:06:39 PM

This is the caretaker’s bedroom.

05-30-17_6:06:45 PM

From two whole angles! Can you tell I was proud of my decorating here?

05-30-17_6:07:04 PM

And the caretakers bathroom, which you can tell I was less proud of as I don’t even include the shower or toilet in this tour.